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 About Studio JNRB 

Studio JNRB is the Dutch design studio of Australian Architect Joshua Norman Russo-Batterham. Josh's work stretches across architecture and urbanism but also digital fabrication and installation design - always with something of a green agenda across different projects.

During a trip traveling around Europe, Josh began to look more critically at how cities manage greenery in their environments, and why something so desirable is often so difficult to achieve. Physically, cities are often inhospitable to plant life - harsh, impermeable surfaces with obstructions both above and below ground. But cities are also complex environments with temporal constraints - dynamic spaces with varied and changing uses stands at odds with the permanence typically associated with greenery.


In 2022, after moving to Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Josh started Studio JNRB as a way to explore how we could begin to think differently about greenery in our urban environments. By creating installations that can transform an otherwise barren area into a pocket of verdant greenery almost overnight, people are given an opportunity to see their cities from a fresh perspective, and cities are given a new tool to experiment with greening their streets and squares.

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Studio JNRB is working on public installations that create green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

By supporting my work you're helping transform out cities into greener, more sustainable and more liable places.

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